Performer Accounting Software

Are You a business owner? How do you manage your business? Still Doing Manual Billing? Here is onestop solutions for Business. You can manage Billing,Inventory,GST Return,Income & Expenses,Barcode.
Multi Comapny
Advance Material
Sales Management
Profit Analysis
Customer Profiling
Reciveable alert
Cheque Print


ERP (Manufacturing)

Inventory management encompasses much more than simply keeping track of what you keep in your warehouse or retail storeroom. Inventory management also includes keeping track of what's in your parts department, including individual parts and the combinations of those parts used to build other products and services.

Restaurant Management System

Dine IN
Online Order
Take Away
Billing & KOT
Reporting & GST
Profit Analysis
1 Year Warranty


Library Manager

A library is a pool of sources of information. This similar resources had made a well-defined community including readers, students etc to refer or to borrow the book more conveniently. The Library Management System Software for Library Management is used to find books and access journals easily.

Retail Store

Retail Management is the process which helps the customers to procure the desired merchandise form the retail stores for their personal use. It includes all the steps required to bring the customers into the store and fulfill their buying needs.



CRM software (customer relationship management software), sometimes referred to as sales force automation (SFA) software, helps businesses track and manage customer interactions in a single system of record.

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